Nancy Peck

Nancy has a degree in textiles from Michigan State University. After working in retail, she applied her interests to weaving. She has been actively involved in the Michigan Weaving Guild, Cross Border Weavers, Michigan League of Handweavers, Complex Weavers, and the Handweavers Guild of America. She has taught weaving at conferences and currently teaches at Michigan Fine Yarns, Livonia.


Nancy’s Weaving emphasis is on fashion and home decor fabrics. She has worked extensively on rigid heddle through multi-shaft computer-aided looms. Her current fiber interest is discovering that many complex structures are possible on the rigid heddle loom   Weaving offers her the mental challenge to stimulate her toward her goals and she loves to share and pass on what she has learned.


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RH Mosaic Color & Weave Scarf

68”x 6.25”

Handwoven on 2 rigid heddles





A 5x5 color and weave repeat handwoven on 2 rigid heddles with the addition of a pick-up stick and string heddles. Sett is 10 epi. Warp and weft is cotton. This a deflected double weave that is enhanced in the wet finishing process. Derived from a 4-shaft design, I was happy to be able to make it possible on the rigid heddle.

Dancing Ribbons







A 22 shaft twill woven on an AVL compudobby loom. A hand-painted Tencel warp and a charcoal Tencel weft add to the piece’s lively look. A one shuttle weave, the actual weaving went quite quickly. Maximum float length is 5 threads and that works ok at the 12 dpi sett. The design is 8398 from the Draft Library.

Huck Color and Weave Block Scarf

66”x 7”

Handwoven on a rigid heddle loom with 2 heddles, a pick-up stick and string heddles.





Two contrasting colors are alternated in both the warp and weft. Threading is basically a 4-shaft straight draw. This can be done with two rigid heddles with odd threads in the holes and even threads in the slots. The slot threads float freely and can be controlled with either a pick-up stick and/or string heddles. Sett is 25epi. The Tencel offers a nice hand and drapability.

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