Rachel Hefferan

Rachel Hefferan is a homesteader and environmentalist interested in microbial communities. She uses her knowledge of weaving on both digitally aided looms and traditional floor looms to illustrate microbial activity, and our interconnectedness due to these unseen communities. She is particularly interested in the ways in which microbes facilitate the recycle of all of the basic materials on earth; her weavings are metaphors as well as demonstrations of that process.


She received her BFA from The University of Michigan and her MFA from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and has been included in national and international art exhibitions. Rachel currently lives and works from her home studio on five wooded acres in Fennville, Michigan.



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Handwoven Jacquard

Cotton, Polyester, Cotton & Wool Mill Ends, Natural & Chemical Dyes

65” x 80”





Hand Dyed Cotton, Wool

40” x 41”




A Tondo and a Petri Dish

Handwoven Jacquard

Cotton, Wool and Polyester Mill Ends, Barrel Hoop

28” x 28” x 2″



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