Rosemary Anzicek

I purchased my first loom in 1988 and began weaving through self-taught and workshops from Davidson’s Old Mill Yarn in Eaton Rapids. Moving to Lansing in 2006, brought membership in Greater Lansing Weavers Guild and more workshops from this guild as well as beginning membership with Michigan League of Handweavers and their workshops. Retiring in 2014 brought much more time and energy for weaving, workshops, weave alongs and study groups. I really love weaving kitchen towels since I see them as lifelong companions in any household - at first they are display pieces for bread, baked goods, table runners, then they move into actual function in drying dishes, wiping tables then baby’s mouths, spilled milk and crying into. I hope they last a long time and remind the towel owner of food, friendship, love and belonging.



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Small Table Runner Sample

Strickler# 7288

1/2" x 21"

10/2 mercerized cotton warp & weft, Lunatic Fringe Yarns


This is pattern #728  from Carol Strickler's book: 

"A Weaver's Book of 8-shaft Patterns", made more popular by the Facebook group "Strickler In Color". It is a rosepath design by Joan McCulloch adapted from Margaret Windeknecht, "The Rosepath Motif: An Approach in Weaving Design".



Photo by Collin Anzicek



Caribbean Huck Towel
14 1/2" x 23"
8/2 unmercerized cotton from Camilla Valley & Great Northern Yarns.
This is a pattern from Weaver's Craft June/July 2000, Volume 1, Number 3. 
Such a joyous celebration of colors in 5 thread huck.
Photo by Collin Anzicek

Ebbs & Flows

6 1/2 x 14 inches (includes fringe)

Tapestry technique - Eccentric weaving: meet & separate; hachure

Wools from Mirrix 

Tapestry is slow weaving and a break from the slinging of a shuttle. It is stop and go, back & forward, even sometimes up & down all in the same line.  It’s a different textural feel and space. This piece was just a flow as I go mood piece, much like the moodiness of this year. 


Photo by self



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