Susan McDowell

I grew up on Cape Cod and its natural beauty still resonates in the art that I create. Whether I'm creating in fused glass, as I've done for years, or in fiber, where I'm just a beginner, I'm constantly looking for ways to capture the beauty that is all around us. I take special joy in translating this natural beauty into a more permanent object that can be shared and enjoyed by others.



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Cotton/Linen 50/50 blend 
Woven on my Baby Wolf loom, 17'5" inches wide. Tabby at 20 epi/20 ppi. 
Constructed following the guidelines from a Mary Magdelena Ma pattern.
About this piece: 
I am a relatively new weaver and have been using the time during the pandemic to devour Jane Stafford's Online Guild lessons. Wanting to explore other fibers, I found the pattern for this tunic at and was enthralled by the pockets. Who can ever have enough pockets!!! This is the first time I've woven and sewn an entire piece and the thrill of going from cone to functional item is fantastic! 
Jim's Beach
9" x 12" 
Needle felted
Wool roving and locks
Photo Credit: Steve R. McDowell
About this piece: 
Created for the 2019 "Arti Gras" show at Salt Valley Arts in Saline, MI this needle felted work is my interpretation of a friend's special place in Northern Michigan. 
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