Susan Rice

Around 1979, a weaving class at the KIA (Kalamazoo Institute of Arts) was taken so as to make fabric for clothing to sew and later I was given a 4-harness loom for Christmas.  The weaving continues only now with an 8-harness Herald loom bought through the KIA.  Classes and workshops have been taken through the years in Michigan.  My joy currently is sharing what I’ve learned with my daughter, along with others.



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20 inches wide × 100 inches long
honeycomb weave pattern
10/2 gold cotton
knitting synthetic golden with sequins yarn black highland wool woven for felting the zipper design
gold linen (bought)
Inspired in celebration of my daughter's graduation from Kingston University, UK. Also, I wasn't the only Mother making a graduation dress from what I was told.  Lea would visit Kew Gardens and tell me about, "The Hive" made by artist Wolfgang Buttress, one of her favorite places to go.  She loved receiving and wearing the dress. Her Father & Uncle were there to see the ceremony.
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