Monthly Lecture Series


Monthly Lecture Series via Zoom - Second Wednesday of the month

7:00 PM EST

This exciting new series is being offered to all members of MLH as a FREE benefit of membership.  


This series does require that you must be a member of MLH ( This series will offer you 11 FREE lectures/speakers throughout the year on the second Wednesday of each month at 7pm.


The Zoom lectures will be recorded  LIVE and made available through a limited, password protected access for registered MLH members up to 2 weeks after, unless otherwise noted. 

October 12 at 7pm. “An Introduction to Scandinavian Coverlets & Sleigh Blankets” with Susan Conover     

Susan’s fascination with Scandinavian weaving is apparent in everything that is created on her looms. The Swedes traditionally weave a structure called Smalandsvav (a multi-harness weave) and the Norwegians call it Skillbragd.  She explored mounting these unique hand-woven pieces onto sheep skins to create warm and cozy bed coverings or sleigh blankets.


November 9 at 7pm  “Pin Loom Weaving; discovering one of the most popular unknown weaving techniques ever.”  with Margaret Stump 

This introductory presentation covers the background of pin loom weaving, an introduction to the pin loom weaving process, a demonstration of weaving a two inch pin loom square as well as lots of examples of what you can make using a pin loom.


December 14 at 7pm  “Throw in the Towel” with Gail Pilgrim Ross     

Kitchen Towels (aka Dish Towels, Tea Towels, Bar Towels, Glass Towels) are the workhorses of the weaving world.  By popular opinion they are the most often woven project and not only fulfill a practical functional role, but also make happily received gifts and highly successful sale items. But why weave towels when big box stores can sell them in great quantity at a fraction of the cost of materials, not to mention our time? 


January 11 at 7pm "Weaving Tips and Tricks" with Deborah Jarchow

Have you wondered if there are better ways to warp or weave? With over 25 years weaving experience, Deborah has discovered easy ways to remedy many problems/mistakes that occur when weaving


February 8 at 7pm "The Art of Transparency Weaving" with Laura Viada

Transparencies are fun to weave and present a wealth of opportunities for expression and design. A close relative of the tapestry, the distinguishing characteristic of the transparency is the contrast between opaque areas of pattern inlay and the sheer background cloth.


March 8 at 2:00pm "Desiging Woven Fabric" with Janet Phillips

The lecture is based around the information included in Janets two books "Designing Woven Fabrics" and "Exploring Woven Fabrics".
April 12 at 7:00pm "Tapestry Design Elements and Principles" with Molly Elkind

Artists have always used concepts like Color, Texture, and Contrast to make their works sing.  In this lecture, learn about the eight most important Elements of Art and Principles of Design for tapestry.


May10 at 7:00pm "Handmade Cloth: Exploring Ritual" with Sarah Saulson

For about a decade my studio practice has been focused on Jewish Prayer Shawls.  This has led me on an exploration of handmade cloth and its role as a ritual object in traditions across time and space.



An email with the Zoom link for the lecture will be sent out on the Friday before the lecture and again on Wednesday the morning of the lecture.  If you are unable to attend or enter the lecture, a link of the recording will be sent to all paid members of MLH within 24 hours and will be available for two weeks. 


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