Monthly Lecture Series


Monthly Lecture Series via Zoom - Second Wednesday of the month

7:00 PM EST

This exciting new series is being offered to all members of MLH as a FREE benefit of membership.  


This series does require that you must be a member of MLH. This series will offer you 11 FREE lectures/speakers throughout the year on the second Wednesday of each month at 7pm.


The Zoom lectures will be recorded  LIVE and made available through a limited, password protected access for registered MLH members up to 2 weeks after, unless otherwise noted. 

February 14, 2024 "Deflected Double Weave and its Many Variations with Janney Simpson

Deflected Double Weave is a weave structure that has regained popularity in the repertoires of contemporary weavers. Why is this structure appealing? How does it work? What else can we do with Deflected Double Weave? 


March 13, 2024 "Understanding Block Weaves and Profile Drafting" with Jill Staubitz

Understanding block weaves and profile drafting allows weavers to be in charge of what they are weaving and design their own weaving drafts.


April 10, 2024 “Enter a  Juried Show and Grow as A Weaver" with Sarah Saulson
When you participate in a weaving exhibition, not only do you have a perfect opportunity to grow as a weaver and receive valuable feedback on your weaving, your work will be displayed in a gallery setting where everyone can celebrate our wonderful, diverse world of weaving. 


May 8, 2024 “Whole cloth is not the whole story" with Carl Stewart
"wholecloth" is a series hand-woven cloths made from found, gifted and inherited textiles and upcycled materials. Fabrics are meticulously unwoven thread-by-thread and tied together, fishing nets are clipped to create one continuous thread, thousands of tea string are knotted end-to-end.


July 10, 2024  "Wedge weave/Eccentric weaves"  with Deborah Corsini

Bold, graphic line, zigzag stripes and scalloped selvedges are striking characteristics of wedge weave. Instead of weaving perpendicular to the warp, as is usual for tapestry, wedge weave is an eccentric weaving technique where the wefts are woven at an angle to the warp. 


August 14, 2024 TBD with Susan Lazear


September 11, 2024 "Reverse Drafting: Well-intentioned Destruction" with Emily Walker


October 2024 TBD with George Patrice 


November 2024 "Color Journaling as a Design Tool" with Lin Bentley Keeling

In this presentation Keeling will share the evolution of Color Journaling in her own studio practice, give a demonstration of the basic color journaling exercise which she teaches to her tapestry and coiled basketry students—attendees are welcome to join in the exercise  if they wish—followed by a discussion about the ways this technique can open creativity and help expand participants’ use of color in their own studio practices. 




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