December 14, 2022 at 7:00 PM

“Throw in the Towel” with Gail Pilgrim Ross

Kitchen Towels (aka Dish Towels, Tea Towels, Bar Towels, Glass Towels) are the workhorses of the weaving world.  By popular opinion they are the most often woven project and not only fulfill a practical functional role, but also make happily received gifts and highly successful sale items.  But why weave towels when big box stores can sell them in great quantity at a fraction of the cost of materials, not to mention our time?  Simple!  These functional items can be items of beauty and creativity, a joy to weave.  The purpose of my talk will be to provide tips on how to make towels you will proudly give, use, sell, display and maybe even exchange.  Come join me for an hour of information and inspiration as well as Q and A.  I will include lots of “eye candy” in my PowerPoint presentation and suggest many resources.



Gail Pilgrim Ross began weaving in 2005 at the Kalamazoo Institute of Art.  In 2013 she discovered Vavstuga in Massachusetts where she found her niche in Swedish structures and fibers.  While continuing to work her “day job” as a law professor of FDA regulation, she finds weaving the perfect personality blend for her background in arts and science.  Her passion for towels was a natural development, but has grown into a book project, inspired over a glass of Kim Crawford wine with Rebecca Fox, also a professional who teaches and writes prolifically.  This passion has led to organizing study group topics, participating in large towel exchanges with MAFA, and during the pandemic, urging her colleagues in the Weavers’ Guild of Kalamazoo to “Throw in the Towel” for a lockdown-inspired exchange.  The presentation that accompanied that exchange has grown into a full-fledged program being requested by several guilds around the country.


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