February 14, 2024 at 7:00 PM

Deflected Double Weave and its Many Variations" with Janney Simpson


Deflected Double Weave: Connections, Layers, & Pockets. Deflected Double Weave is a weave structure that has regained popularity in the repertoires of contemporary weavers. Why is this structure appealing? How does it work? What else can we do with Deflected Double Weave? There are several approaches to designing deflected double weave patterns as well as different tie-ups to make it happen easily at the loom. Deflected Double Weave can also be combined with traditional double weave to create connections, layers, and pockets all in the same piece. This technique may be used to weave dramatic shawls, scarves, and cowls with a variety of fibers and colorways. A skeleton tie-up allows you to tie-up your loom just once for these exciting possibilities with Deflected Double Weave.


Janney Simpson began weaving in the early 1980’s while also working in biomedical research in the Chicago area. While living in CT, she taught weaving in her home studio and at Wesleyan Potters for many years. Janney is a past President and Membership Chair of the Handweavers’ Guild of CT. She also earned Apprentice Weaver, Weaver of Distinction, and Lifetime Member of the guild.


Now in Michigan full-time, she is currently teaching weaving at her studio in “The Barn” in Gaylord, MI. She relishes the "ah-ha" moment when new weavers throw a shuttle for the first time and strive to learn more.


Additional memberships include Complex Weavers, Handweavers Guild of America, Charlevoix Weavers Guild, Cross Borders, and Loose Threads. She has presented many workshops and lectures on Deflected Double Weave, Finishing and Embellishing Handwovens, Knitted Beaded Bags, Sakiori, and Weaving with Fibers of Micronesia. Articles and videos on Deflected Double weave can be found in Long Thread Media and Complex Weavers publications.


Grateful to be a student of many outstanding teachers, Janney strives to create one-of-a-kind pieces using a variety of yarns and weave structures on many types of looms.


She resides in Gaylord with her husband, Jeff and two dogs.

Visit www.janneysimpson.com

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