March 9, 2022   7:00 PM

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Gisela Bosch presents  “Weaving Experiences in Guatemala”


Over the past 15 years I have been lucky enough to go to Guatemala seven times and experience the rich weaving culture there.  I have been to Vasquez which is high in the mountains and known for the woven corte that are used for skirts. The cloth has very intricate patterning with ikat dyed threads. I was also able to spend a week with a weaver named Toliman in San Lucas, on Lake Atitlan and see her natural dying process and learn back strap weaving from her. My pictures share these experiences.



Bio: My interest in fiber arts is really a family history. I learned to knit from my grandmother at 5 years of age before I went to school.  My mom was a fabulous seamstress. I was knitting and crocheting clothing for myself by the time I was 12 and before that for my dolls. Let me tell you the curves on the one Barbie doll I had were quite a challenge for fitted clothing! My mother-in-law, gave me her sock pattern. When I came to the US I connected to the Black Sheep Weaver’s because of my knitting and learned to weave from P.J. Herdman. We had many workshops both with the Black Sheep and Ann Arbor Guild and I took advantage of those and the MLH and even one HGA conference. I also spent a week in Guatemala learning to weave on the backstrap loom and about natural dyeing from a local weaver.  I now also enjoy the Crossborders Study Group.  I like to weave shawls, runners and towels designing my own warps for the most part.















         Gisela Bosch

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