March 13, 2024 at 7:00pm

Understanding Block Weaves and Profile Drafting

with Jill Staubitz



How many times have you asked, "I understand how to weave it, but how did you come up with those tie ups?" Somehow the concept of block weaves and profile drafting mystifies weavers of all levels of weaving experience. Yet, by understanding the basic principles, a weaver can choose a draft and substitute the structure of their choice to weave it. Understanding block weaves and profile drafting allows weavers to be in charge of what they are weaving and design their own weaving drafts.

Bio - I fell in love with weaving about twelve years ago when I retired from my career in graphic design. The two disciplines overlap perfectly through my love for color, pattern, and the design process. I became an artisan at the Hartford Artisans Weaving Center and began teaching as well as weaving my own creations. My classes focus on aiding weavers in understanding weave structures. The Pandemic led me to launch my website, as well as my Modern Weaver FaceBook page with the intent of building a community of weavers desiring to connect with others through learning in a virtual setting. I love teaching structures in a simple, understandable way. It is my greatest delight when participants come away from my presentations with a clear understanding and feel confident enough in creating their own cloth.  


My work has appeared in Long Thread Media’s Handwoven Magazine, November/December Issues 2022, 2023, 2024 and Little Looms Magazine, Spring Issues 2018, 2020. I have taught virtual and in-person workshops to weaving guilds and groups around the U.S. and have been a presenter at MAFA’s Virtual Workshops, 2022, 2023 and HGA’s Spinning and Weaving Week, 2022, 2023. I design weaving patterns for WEBS throughout the year.



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