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In Search Of


Norwood Loom with bench Workshop or 22-30” size


email me at

Beautiful Shetland Roving - 
We have a small flock of Shetland sheep on our farm. Our sheep are a variety of colors and the roving is not dyed and is in its natural colors. 
Natural Colors from our Red Barn Farm registered Shetland Sheep in Columbus, Michigan.
8 ounces or more $2.25/oz.

Less than 8 ounces $2.60/oz.

Buyer pays shipping
If interested please contact via email:

Schacht Baby Wolf

26” wide; 4 shafts; original metal heddles; 12 and 25 dent reeds; front and back aprons; includes bench. Older loom in good condition, all parts straight, brake may need adjustment. Some shallow cosmetic scratches. Last piece completed fall, 2018.


Loom may be picked up in Sault Ste Marie, MI; driving to Detroit/Ann Arbor area July 12 and will deliver anywhere within a reasonable distance along I-75 or US 127 including the Lansing area. Otherwise, delivery and/or shipping costs negotiable.


$950 cash only. Contact: Lew

50 inch, 8 harness Harrisville loom.


Including bench, raddle, lease sticks, 5 dent reed, and 12 dent reed.



Located in Hastings, MI




July 2020

 IN SEARCH OF the sectional attachments for the  back beam on a  24” Leclerc Floor loom.
For Sale: New Zealand spinning wheel
Called a “Pipy” made by Philip Poore.  The company name was Tekoteko and they produced wheels from 1962 until 1982 when they sold the company to Ashford.  It is signed and numbered (MA 8103). The wood is New Zealand Rimu wood. There is a small inconspicuous repair to front right lower leg.
Price:  $350.
June 2020
12 harness 60" wide jack Leclerc with a double back beam.
It is in good condition, accept it is missing several dowel pins that need replaced. 
Asking $500 
Anna Routson
Studio Manager
Praxis Fiber Workshop, Cleveland Ohio
June 2020
Rigid Heddle Loom 
18 inch handcrafted
Three heddles
Warping peg
3 clamps
May 2020

Masterweaver Loom for Sale:


Price $50/negotiable, Located in Royal Oak.  




Some history:  The Masterweaver loom legend is that it was designed by an engineer for his wife so that she could continue weaving despite arthritis.  Like the Speedloom, it can be warped in 10 minutes.  However, setting the disks to produce the desired pattern can take several hours.  Since finger dexterity is of prime importance in manipulating the disks,  The position of the disks is identified by braille-like dots which are somewhat difficult to see.  The brochure claims that it can emulate an eight-shaft loom, but I've only been able to achieve 4 shaft patterns.    It's 24 inch width is good for shawls or place mats and I usually keep it set for rosepath.

May 2020

For Sale: 40Inch, 4 harness cherry Norwood Loom made in Balwin, MI


Excellent shape, complete with bench and original documentation.

Asking $1500 or best offer.   

Respond to

We are located in the Plymouth/Ann Arbor area in Michigan.


May 2020 


In search of:   Baby Wolf 8 shaft Floor Loom.
Can email 
May 2020
FOR SALE:  schacht flip 25 inch rigid heddle loom for sale. Comes with a two heddles.
Asking $350

April 2020

40 inch Macomber Add-a-harness Loom
Currently it has 4 harnesses but will accommodate 8.  In excellent condition. 
A similar loom new would be about $2,500.  Asking price $1,100.

Located near Honor, MI


April 2020


For Sale: Bexell Cranbrook Horizontal Countermarch Loom.

60" weaving width, 8 shaft, 10 treadles with treadle locks, Reeds include  8, 10, 12, 15 dent. Loom bench, tool tray and tool rack, homemade raddle 1" spacing, 2 lease sticks, 16 warp sticks, Very good condition. Model number J608096 474.

Original documents. Local Pick up Allegan, asking $2500.


March 2020

ISO:   Loom with 36 inch weaving width. 


I am looking to buy a Mighty wolf loom.   Choosing this loom as it can be folded and I live in a tiny apartment in New York.   I'm willing to drive about 5 to 8 hours radius from New York for the right price and right loom.   I know I can buy online and free delivery a new loom for about $2500.   


Would like mighty wolf loom for $1200 or below.   Would consider a baby wolf if the price is lower and right, loom is easily foldable, and 4N4L loom could be considered.  I'm a textile and fashion design student.


Email Cynthia at:

March 2020

Fireside Loom, 60”, 12 shaft. Located at the Kalamazoo Institute of Arts.
$4,000 or best offer. No shipping.
Jan 2020

LOOKING FOR:  Norwood 30" 8H, 10T Cherry Workshop Loom, X-Frame


I am in Dayton, OH, and will travel for a Norwood 30" Cherry Workshop Loom, X-Frame.  No problem if it needs work, but no broken or warped parts. I live in a small apartment and prefer the X-frame model.  Fixed income so price must be very reasonable.   Contact


Jan 2020


- I have a bunch of 100% wool weaving fiber, 30 pounds to be exact. I am asking $500 for all of it.

- $18 per pound if someone is only interested in certain colors only I can supply them with a color list.

This is mostly Jagger Spun, 2-8  I think I only found one cone that was a different brand.


I can be contacted by email:


Location:  Williamston Michigan


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