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Please send your items specific description and preferred email contact information in a file (Word or in an email) and ONE jpeg picture per item if you would like to:

Sue Zarins at:


When your item(s) sells please send me an email and I will remove the ad.  Otherwise items will be removed after six months, and if you wish to relist - send a new ad.


Due to unlawful activity on the internet, 

please only accept

CASH for anything sold on this site. 

NOTE:  Scammers will tell you they are "out of town on business”, will send cashiers checks, want to send you more than the dollar amount for the item, and then have you arrange for shipping/pickup by a third party.   Cashier check validity can come weeks later from your bank, and then you are out of the item and the money.   Please only perform transactions in person and with cash.   


4 Shaft, Harrisville Designs Loom, 22 inch weaving width for sale:


The loom is threaded and ready to weave with a warp on it, if you are a new weaver and want to learn how to weave.    The loom works great.   It folds flat to 42" x 30" x 11" when not in use.   


Located in Shelby Township, MI (pickup only)  $500 cash





May 2021



For sale: very sturdy, 2 shaft, Finnish-American loom,

handmade in the U.P.  Weaving width is 32 inches. Full dimensions are 52" wide x 61" deep x 59" high.  Shaft pulleys are hand-made. Two more shafts, lamms, and treadles were added. Breast beam is removable for easier threading and sleying. Some joints are hand-carved mortise and tenon. Ratchet and pawl tensioning.  Also included are 12 dent reed, Texsolv heddles, cotton heddles, other tools, and a large warping reel.  $475.


May 2021


I am IN SEARCH OF a Schacht Baby Wolf, 4 or 8 Harnesses.    


Contact me at:

April 2021

Beautiful Toika Liisa  


made of birch for sale. 49 inches wide and 32 shafts with 100 heddles each.

2 sectional beams who can convert to regular beams.

An e-lift and a breast beam apron. Including a Stainless steel reed. A shuttle and lots of Texsolv cords.

I use Fiberworks or Weavepoint.  I have ordered a new improved, state of the art Toika electronic expected to arrive in a few weeks. If the loom sells before it arrives it can be shipped directly to the new owner who will save on shipping. This loom is in excellent condition but I am moving into a condo. New it would cost $18000+.  I am asking $13500. I can provide more pictures upon request. 


Loom located south Denver, CO. Would prefer pick up but will ship if absolutely necessary.         Contact:

April 2021

Harrisville Design 36”, 8 harness, 10 treadles loom, with large eye wire
heddles-- purchased in 1985.

Used a couple of times (sadly) and has been collecting dust (also sadly).  The original leather harness pulls have been replaced with the new stronger ones. The loom is in excellent condition.  The sale will include a strong homemade bench, 4 stainless steel reeds (8 10 12 15), and a warping tension system.

I’m asking $2,750 for it all, or best offer. I need to complete the sale by April 17th at the latest.  I can be reached by e-mail at   
Pickup only in Fenton MI, and is all folded up ready to travel.
April 2021
LeClerc loom with 8’ width capacity.
Fully functional and used recently. Great condition. 4 shaft.  Asking $1,200 OBO. Must go.  Located in Ray Twp, MI.
April 2021
Harrisville 8 harness 
Countermarch 45" floor loom
(with manual), tension box, Warping rack (will hold 48 spools), warping boards (2), strip cutter, cutting mats, shuttles, lease sticks, reeds, extra heddles, sley hooks,warp, material for rag rugs (or quilters), weaving books.  Everything needed for a complete studio.  Loom is disassembled and ready for transport.    All $4000.


Contact me at

April 2021

Two Sewing Machines for Sale - 


Older Sears cabinet model with every attachment that was made for it - $125
Viking Victoria portable - $100.
Contact me at
April 2021
Kenmore Tip-Toe Matic (mangle) he used for ironing material and strips. Has a manual and wiring diagram. Worked the last time we fired it up but it has lost (cracked) 2 of it's casters due to old age. $100
Contact me at
April 2021
Two spinning wheels - Louet S10 and Kromski Symphony, both have lazy kates. 2 sets of carders, niddy noddy, ball winder, fringe twister, hackle, roving, batts (Cotswold, Cormo, 20-25#) clean fleeces, various Suri fiber (8#). All $1400.
Contact me at
April 2021

For Sale:  42 Inch Kessenich 8 shaft Loom


Recenlly completely cleaned and waxed.  Beautiful condition.  

- 1000 new inserted eye heddles.  Will include approximately 1000 flat rust-free steel heddles that were original to the loom.

- Stainless Steel 12 dent reed

- Sectional warp beam that can convert to regular warp beam.

- Tension box, 

- 2 rug shuttles

- Texsolv tie-ups

- Sliding weaving bench included.


$1200 OBO;  Cash only; Pickup only

Located in Monroe County Michigan (between Toledo, OH and Ann Arbor, MI)



Mar 2021

For sale - Hammett counterbalance loom  $600

I have decided to sell my little Hammett 301. It is a super cute little counterbalance loom. Very strong/sturdy and holds excellent tension. It has 4 shafts with about 535 flat steel heddles in very good condition. It is currently set up with 4 treadles, it has lamms so it can have treadles added. I am including 2 that I made, it just needs a longer treadle bar cut to hold them. It has the complete setup for the optional spool beam (beam, spools and working brake).  2 reeds (12 and 15 dent).

$600 located in Lansing, Michigan. Contact


Mar 2021

Warping mill for sale $300

Large 4 yard (12’) circumference x 5 1/2’ tall warping mill (reel).

One cross brace which can be moved higher or lower than shown. In good functional condition with some cosmetic dings/chips/scratches.

I have it on locking castors which helps move it about but could easily be removed.

Works great, I just mostly warp sectionally and it is too big to justify the space it takes up. Not sure of maker, possibly Brexel.


Located in Lansing, Michigan.



Mar 2021

We have Free Kenaf Fiber we would like to share with MLH members:


Like the title says, if  anyone in MLH is interested, we would like to send some Kenaf fiber your way completely free of charge. 
We are fiber processors, and we want to share Kenaf fiber with as many people as possible, as it's an amazing plant for the world but is being underutilized.  It's very similar to hemp & flax as they are all bast fiber crops.   If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me, via email or phone 
Mitchell Tucker 
Managing Director
Irontree Global Solutions LLC
517 652 5501 



For Sale  - 4 shaft, 50” Norwood loom
with sectional beam, Norwood bench with side “pockets” (originaly paired with loom) Norwood tension box, 8 dent reed, 300 extra original heddles (wrapped up since 1988 without a speck of rust on them), each shaft has at least 150 eye heddles, electric bobbin winder and yardage counter, spool rack, and homemade vertical warping wheel.
Cash and pick up only - Clinton Township, MI.
Asking $1,450.00 for everything.
Feb 2021
Beautiful Shetland Roving - 
We have a small flock of Shetland sheep on our farm. Our sheep are a variety of colors and the roving is not dyed and is in its natural colors. 
Natural Colors from our Red Barn Farm registered Shetland Sheep in Columbus, Michigan.
8 ounces or more $2.25/oz.

Less than 8 ounces $2.60/oz.

Buyer pays shipping
If interested please contact via email:
Feb 2021

Macomber Loom for Sale:

45 inch width,

8 harness,

10 treddles, one sectional beam, one regular.

15" dent -SS, 12" and 8" reeds


$1000 cash


Mason, MI




Feb 2021



I have a beautiful solid cherry & very sturdy, 6 harness jack loom for sale
I have a beautiful solid cherry & very sturdy, 6 harness jack loom for sale.
69" wide (weaving width = 54"); 42" deep. Includes 2 reeds: 10 epi and 12 epi. Hand made by a woodworker engineer in Champaign, Illinois. Many a happy hour has been spent weaving on this loom. Pick up only in the Columbus, Ohio area.
I'm asking $850.
69" wide (weaving width = 54"); 42" deep. Includes 2 reeds: 10 epi and 12 epi. Hand made by a woodworker engineer in Champaign, Illinois. Many a happy hour has been spent weaving on this loom. Pick up only in the Columbus, Ohio area.
I'm asking $850. Contact
jan 2021

ISO: Norwood Table Loom

These were made in the 50's from cherry wood (same as their large looms). Weaving width was 16" and they did not use strings or pulleys to operate.


I've never seen one in real life or in a photo; only the simple drawing from this 1951 advertisement, but I have no idea how well it actually represents the loom.


If you have any experience or knowledge about Norwood's table looms, even if you don't have one to sell, I'd love to hear from you. I'm a huge fan of the brand.  Thank you!    Email contact is


Jan 2021

Shurweave Loom 4 Harness for sale:

This antique 4-harness, counterbalance floor loom is a Shurweave Loom, manufactured by E.C. Turner in San Diego, California around the turn of the 20th century. It’s in fantastic shape. Completely refurbished, cherry (or possibly red oak).  Original gold foil manufacturer's stamp still on it. I am currently finishing a rug by New Years and then hope to pass it on to someone who is ready to work on it on a regular basis. It’s too beautiful and has too much history to just sit idly by..










See full photo listing on Facebook at:


Asking $1500 OBO.
Local pickup in preferred.  If you're local, you are welcome to come to my home (masked) to try it out.  I will only Trinidad, CA ship if buyer arranges and pays for packing and shipping in advance.    Email me if interested at


More Details:

Antique 4 harness counterbalance floor loom in excellent condition—completely refurbished

Dimensions: ~4’ wide by 3’9” long/deep.  3’2” tall without castle (castle adds another 26 inches)

New Steel Reed: 36” (~max)

String heddles

Pulley system to connect castle to harnesses

Lees system to connect treadles to harnesses

Extras comes with 4 shuttles, winder, an old fashioned warp winder, extra spacing wood bars (+1 steel rod), extra cotton string heddles, and two books (see photos and videos).


A bit more on the loom’s history:

I cared for an elder, Mary, whose mother used this loom to teach weaving classes in San Diego ~1915 (I believe but am not certain that was with the San Diego’s Weaver’s guild).  Her mother passed the loom to Mary, who then lent it to her son.  After several decades, the loom came back to her in terrible shape; Mary nearly chopped it up for firewood it was so rotted.  But with Mary’s blessing, I began to restore it with the help of a friend who deals in antiques with the hope the wood underneath was still salvageable.  Piece by piece, we completely sanded out the rotted wood and found the most stunning cherry (or could be red oak) underneath…in the sunlight it literally looks like strands of gold run through it.  I was also careful to keep the original gold stamp from the company at the top of the castle….Mary taught me to weave on this beautiful piece of craftsmanship.  Mary left the loom to me, and I’ve used it on and off for several years, but when we moved to a tiny home, I found I was just not weaving as much as I hoped and we really need the space.  The worst fate (in my eyes) for such an incredible, loved heirloom is to let it gather dust…so I made the tough decision to find a home for it, a place where it will be as loved and as used as it was when it was first created over a hundred years ago.

Fearlessly Hand Dyed Warps and Skeins for purchase

I am Kathrin Weber and have been a full time dyer and weaver since the late 70’s. I particularly enjoy the flow of colors as I combine primary dye colors to make a full color palette for the yarn I dye and the fabrics I weave. If you are interested in working with my dyed yarn, please order from Blazing Shuttles – Handdyed and Handwoven in North Carolina

Dec 2020

In Search of Missing Parts for my Weavers Delight 4 harness flying shuttle loom:



Looking for the parts shown in the photos, the two "y" shaped braces that connect the beater beam to the beam that lifts the harnesses, and the "B" piece.



Dec 2020

Glimakra Standard Counterbalance
135 cm (53”) loom, made in Sweden. This is a top quality and versatile large loom made in 1970s of Swedish pine, which is designed to be easy, and enjoyable to use. Includes Glimakra bench, several reeds, has 10 treadles, has linen (not Texsolv) tie ups. Texsolv tie ups and heddles are available from Glimakra and weaving suppliers.   Manual is available online
Located in Ann Arbor, MI
Nov 2020

Antique Bergman Loom

made in Poulsbo, WA, pat. Apr 18, 1933.


Dimensions are about 34”wide, 26”deep, and 32”high.


Here is some more information about Bergman looms:


I inherited this loom, and I'm not a weaver so I don't have much more information about it. It looks like it might need a little work! I believe it was purchased from an antiques dealer about 5 years ago. I have more pictures I can share if you email me. The loom is located in Ann Arbor.


Asking $400 OBO.


Nov 2020

40” AVL Folding Dobby loom 

16 shafts


At least 1000 metal heddles 


Mechanical Dobby with 30bars, pegs and a wrench


Your Choice of half yard sectional beam or 2 plain beams


Sandpaper front beam


Cloth take up system 


$2200 OBO


Located in Owosso Michigan. Willing to deliver for a fee. 




Nov 2020

Rick Reeves spinning wheel.
In great shape. Spins like a dream!
Hand made by Mr Reeves (wheel has a Rick Reeves face plate on it), it is made of Brazilian Cherry wood. One bobbin
For sale: $500.00



Nov 2020

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