October Workshop

Registration opens July 1st and will close August 26th 


with Janet Phillips


Saturday: October 7, 14 and 21 2023, 2-4 pm EST


Class Fee:  $120

Class Limit: 15


This Zoom course will study the design possibilities of 8 shaft Shadow Weave. It is a block weave structure developed from Plain Weave Log Cabin patterns. By increasing the warp sett of Shadow Weave, the structure becomes Repp. All the warp sett options possible between Shadow Weave and Repp I call Shrepp. The course will fall into three lessons of between 1.30 -2 hours in length. It is a structure that is included in my book ‘Exploring Woven Fabrics”. Pages 176 – 214. The course is suitable for weavers who are confident about making a warp and dressing their loom.


  • Students must have a copy of Exploring Woven Fabrics for reference throughout the course.
  • Students will need to have an 8-shaft loom empty and ready to make a warp to weave this sample blanket. A table loom by preference but a floor loom will be ok.
  • Weaving width approximately 14-16” (35 -40 cm)
  • You will need approximately 14 oz (400grams) of 5/2ne cotton. 7 oz (200g) of each colour of two colours. A light and a dark colour will show the patterns off clearest.
  • In addition you will need a fine 10/2ne cotton in one of the two colours. About 2 oz (50grams).
  • A 10 dent reed
  • A pencil, eraser, a ruler and two colored pencils

Lesson 1 – Designing the warp • Understanding the four possible constructions of Log Cabin • Drawing out design motifs of the shape you wish to weave • Creating a threading plan from these shapes • Recognising the rhythm of the threading plan • Working out the warping plan • Students will then have a week to make the warp and dress their looms.


Lesson 2 – Designing the weft • Constructing a full weave diagram of Shadow Weave • Creating a lifting plan • Creating a tie-up and treadling plan • Understanding the rhythm of the lifting plans and the style of pattern possible • Converting Shadow Weave into Shrepp and Repp. Students will then be able to weave their sample blanket.

Lesson 3: Shadow Weave Twill, Recap and Review • Looking at ways of developing the patterns, yarn and setts • Trouble shooting issues.


I will be available for questions throughout the course via email. I will set up a PADLET for us to share photographs of our progress.


The lessons will be recorded for viewing only by participants of the course, after each lesson on my website.

Textile Designer, Hand weaver, Weaving Tutor and Author


I studied industrial textile design at the Scottish College of Textiles, graduating with a

First Class Honours Degree in 1972.  After working in industry for three years I bought a

16-shaft Dobby loom and built up a career as a commission weaver, designing and weaving functional fabrics for private clients. 


I taught a one-day, weekly community education class in Oxford from 1987 – 2004.  In 2009 I stopped my commission weaving work and now focus on teaching weaving and weave design from my own studio in Somerset, UK.


I have written three books on weave design:


The Weavers Book of Fabric Design - published 1983

Designing Woven Fabrics – published 2008, reprinted in 2009 and 2015

Exploring Woven Fabrics – published 2020

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