2021 Swatches

A fabulous start to another year of creative weaving for y'all.  This year is a major gift to those stepping out into block weaving.  And we'll throw into the mix the plea to hang on to your old weaving books no mater how musty or how icky the yarns and colors. Thanks to all who made this year's samples possible. Keep weaving. Keep safe. Keep Happy - Mary Underwood


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Mill Race Weavers Guild


The guild’s meeting place is located in an historic 1890’s era Victorian Cottage surrounded by a garden. Weavers Pam Kane and Karen Folland chose the “Old Fashioned Garden” for their samples.

Ann Arbor Fiberarts Guild


Halvdrall, Poor Man’s Damask, or Demi-Damask samples were woven by the guild’s study group, Warped Weavers, Susan Baier, Laurel Barnes, Cindy Harris, Jean Hosford, Susan McDowell, Tammy Renner, Amy Stevenson, Betsy Szymanski, and Mary Underwood.  Weaving ‘square’ was the biggest issue in choosing an easy way to explore block weaves.

Yarnwinders Fiber Guild of Marquette


Guild member Naomi Fletcher created a name draft for “Yarnwinders” in overshot.  Blue and white were chosen to represent the colors of the Scandinavian heritage of the Upper Peninsula region.  Sue Bell, Eve Lindsey, Melinda Stamp and Celeste Geschwindt wove the fabric; Pat Curtis and Patty Beyer completed the sample processing.

Mary Underwood


Mary planned an overshot fabric in order to use up an excess of yarn using a one-shuttle weave treadled as if weaving Swedish Lace.  The idea comes from a book, “Functional Overshot” by Grace D. Blum. 

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