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Central Michigan University is offering three weaving looms for sale/auction on bidcorp. Looms can be seen here:
Auction ads provide numerous images and information about these looms. If you have additional questions, please email me directly at:











May 2022

Free!   Back issues of Handwoven and Knitters' magazines and patterns.
May 2022

I have a 4 Shaft Schacht Floor Loom for sale. The 49 in. wide maple loom is in excellent condition.  Included is everything you need to weave: a bench, 8 and 10 dent reeds, Schacht 4.5 yd. and Leclere 13 yd. warping boards, Schacht rattle, shuttles, pick up sticks, warping thread, weaving yarn and more.

Total price for everything: $1500


May 2022

Fearlessly Hand Dyed Warps and Skeins for purchase

I am Kathrin Weber and have been a full time dyer and weaver since the late 70’s. I particularly enjoy the flow of colors as I combine primary dye colors to make a full color palette for the yarn I dye and the fabrics I weave. If you are interested in working with my dyed yarn, please order from Blazing Shuttles – Handdyed and Handwoven in North Carolina

Mar 2022

For Sale:

36 inch Louet Stainless Steel 6 dent reed - $75.



mar 2022

Looking to Trade:
a Schacht 8 harness Mighty Wolf loom for Schacht 8 harness Baby Wolf loom.
I have moved and need the smaller loom.
Contact Judi  at
March 2022
Beautiful Shetland Roving - 
We have a small flock of Shetland sheep on our farm. Our sheep are a variety of colors and the roving is not dyed and is in its natural colors. 
Natural Colors from our Red Barn Farm registered Shetland Sheep in Columbus, Michigan.
8 ounces or more $2.25/oz.

Less than 8 ounces $2.60/oz.

Buyer pays shipping
If interested please contact via email:
March 2022

In Search of:  


Looking for:  Norwegian made metal  HAGEN TAPESTRY LOOM AND STAND.
Priscilla Lynch,
March 2022

For Sale:

48”, 24-shaft Toika Eeva, 

with updated control box’, bench w bin under, belly-board, live-weight tension system (in addition to the built-in system), all the software/instructions/and the laptop to run it, and reference books for multi-shaft weaving.  The current new price is $16,900.  I would be happy with $10,000, pick up here in Alpena by end of January, this year.  It would be better for the new keeper to participate in the take-down.


NORWOOD LOOM for Sale  $2500
50 inch four harness 6 treadle
Made in Michigan solid cherry
With bench and warping board
Must pick up maple city mi
Nov 2021


Complete well loved original Cranbrook weaving studio needs a new home -
Includes 8 harness countermarch loom, bench, standing warping mill, swifts, raddle, 3 reeds (40” wide 8, 12 & 15), all new string heddles, several shuttles, 3 hard to find instruction books. Helping a friend who no longer weaves. Email ( for more pictures & details. Pick up in Grand Rapids MI.
Price completely negotiable- just looking for a new home.
Nov 2021


24 shaft avl pdl


48” weaving width 

24 shaft 

Bottom swing beater

1yd sectional beam 

1 plain beam (not pictured)

Track and mount system 

Cloth take up system 

Sandpaper sticky beam 

Leclerc tension box

Single Fly boxes

Fly shuttle 3 pirns

Comes with 78 dobby bars with many pegs & 10 dent Reed 

 $4500 obo

This loom weaves beautifully but I will not have the space for it in my new studio. Selling to fund smaller workshop looms for classes 


Pick up in Owosso Michigan or willing to ship at buyers expense. All joints are already labeled for easy reassembly.  

Contact email


Nov 2021

I’m In Search of a Sawyer Bee or AVL warping square
that I could borrow or rent for a couple of months.   Im On the waiting list for a Sawyer Bee Square but it will be at least February before anyy are available and I have a couple of long warps I would love to get on my loom.
I can be contacted at:
Nov 2021
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