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For Sale: Leclerc Nilus II, 4 Shaft, 6 Treadle Loom FOR $850.00 all included
45" Weaving width. 8 dent stainless steel reed included, Leclerc weaving bench with hinged center section and side cubbies. This was my first loom and it's hard to part with, but it needs to go to someone who will use it and love it. Raddle for warping, and other weaving supplies included.  Original manual from Schacht printed out for you. 
Located in NW Indiana, (ZIP 46307), Pickup only.  Will not ship. Cash only on pickup.  Cross posting.
Contact -


For Sale: Leclerc Nilus II, 12 Shaft, 14 Treadle Loom FOR $1,500.00 with bench, $1,250.00 if you don't want the bench
45" Weaving width.  12 dent stainless steel reed included.  Leclerc hinged bench with side cubbies, if you want it.  
This loom is a workhorse.  Handles everything from rugs to lace.  You can weave anything!  Lots of extra heddles, rails to add to back beam for sectional warping.
Located in NW Indiana, (ZIP 46307), Pickup only.  Will not ship. Cash only on pickup.  Cross posting.
Contact -


FOR SALE - Hammett Rag shuttles for sale for $10 each

Good condition


Contact -



FOR SALE - Two 45 " looms, Glimakra Standard and Harris, for $300 each

Best Offer:
Much weaving equipment of all kinds
25 bags of weaving yarn--divided by color
Lots of cotton fabric for rug weaving all washed in hot water and ironed
3 large bags of fabric already cut in strips for weaving
Contact: Marilynn Tammi
616 283-2920


FOR SALE - Spinning equipment (range of wheels) and small looms


For details, see


FOR SALE - 40” 8 shaft Macomber, 12 treadles, sectional back beam,  2nd back beam, reeds: 10, 12, 15, bench for $800


A loom with strings from it Description automatically generated

Call Phyllis 248-703- 5162. Located in Royal Oak.

FOR SALE - 24”  4 shaft Macomber folding loom, 10 treadles, 8 dent reed

for $400

A loom with a cloth on it Description automatically generated

Call Phyllis 248-703- 5162. Located in Royal Oak.

FOR SALE - Schacht Wolf Pup LT Loom for $1100.


The Wolf Pup Lt features jacks and lamps that allow any harness to be tied to any of its six treadles, in whatever combination your weave structure requires. The Wolf Pup Lt also sports the  new quick-release back beam. Now the back beam can be quickly removed for threading the  heddles without impacting the brake system.


Features: Steel Hub friction brake, Brake Release foot pedal, Aluminum Harness Channels, Built in wheels, Attached beater pin, Stainless steel heddle bars, Stainless steel reeds 8,10, 12, and 15 ( three of these are extras ), Wolf Pup Trap, Schacht Raddle, 300 inserted eye heddles, Treadle tracker clip support, 2 Lease sticks, 8 Apron Cords, 24 Tie up cords, 3 Apron cords, 4 Shafts, 6 Treadles, Weaving width 18”, Open height 29.5”, Folded height 42”, Open footprint 33”x 26”, Folded footprint 16” x 26”, Weight 38 lbs. 


If bought new with the extra 3 reeds,Wolf trap and Raddle the price would be over $2,285.

Loom can be seen in Ann Arbor. Contact





FOR SALE - Schacht 36 inch, 4 shaft floor loom for $1000.


In excellent condition with new brake. Back beam folds. 36 inch weaving space. Six treadles and castle with light.  Includes 3 stainless steel reeds: 8,10 and 12 dents. For pickup in Kentwood, Michigan. Cash only.

Contact Judy Van Dam- 616-401-1258,



FOR SALE -  40” Norwood Loom - $1250



40” Norwood Loom, cherry – Made in Fremont, SN B4464

This loom partially folds to allow getting through doorways.

Excellent like new condition, 4 shaft, 6 treadle floor loom.

Sectional warp beam, 3 Reeds: 6, 8 and 15 dents (very good condition, no rust)

Cherry bench

Like new heddles: about 640 wire, 830 flat

Various shuttles, books, warping board, warping stand and lots of warp and weft.


Ask for Dan at 616-340-4533 or


FOR SALE - Norwood Floor Loom, cherry wood, 8 shafts, 10 treadles - $1800


MI-made, It is used but well taken care of and is in beautiful condition!

The loom specs:
58.5" wide
8 shafts
10 treadles
Sectional warp beam
Tension box (makes the tensioning process much more seamless)
Accessory pieces included with loom: bench with sliding top, spool rack, winder with counter for measuring fiber onto the spools, reed.



FREE - Loom in Holland, MI


The loom is wooden and fairly large.  While the basic structure of the loom is solid, some of the harnesses will require repair and restoration (including new heddles).  

Contact: Tom Maver

Looking For:

20” 4 harness table loom preferably with stand. Please contact Carol at

Schacht Mighty Wolf
Price:  $1,000 
cash only
Four harness loom, in good condition, with large weaving area, 36" in width. Equipped with a high castle and storage tray, standard heddles. Price includes two stainless steel 36" reeds, warp sticks, and raddle.

Looking For:

8 shaft floor loom located within 100 miles of Traverse City.


48" MaComber loom. Add a harness currently operating with 4 harnesses. Comes with bench and a few reeds. Great loom but I'm downsizing.
Excellent for rugs and other heavy projects.
$1000 OBO it must go!  
Pick up in Northern Michigan. 
Looking forused e-spinner (electric spinning wheel) for sale.  
My contact information is:
Jane Reiter

Leclerc weaving loom plus SO MANY extras

  • Colonial model, 60” weaving width
  • 4-harness (with conversion to 8)
  • 6 treadles (with 7th extra)
  • Original catalog and instruction book
  • 44” Leclerc bench
  • Clemes and Clemes spinning wheel 
  • 20 spool bobbin rack with electric bobbin
  • Lots of small accessories 
$3500 for everything. Cash only. 
Everything is in pristine condition. Located in Onekama. 
(New Leclerc Colonial retails upwards of $6500!)
Text or email for more pictures. 
Liz Young 

Looking For:

I am looking for a used stovetop horizontal steamer, 30” wide minimum. If you have one you are not using, I am interested.

GILMAKRA Floor Loom -Counter Marche Standard    59”/150 cm   plus Bench

10 Harnesses and 10 Treadles – lease sticks and slat

Includes BONUS items:

  • Warping boards – one LeClerc wall mounted, one homemade, one floor model with bobbin rack
  • Umbrella  swift – Gilmakra brand
  • Shuttles: 

5 boat shuttles  plus one double

4 ski shuttles – 3 are Schacht 24”, one 16

17 stick shuttles – various size

One rag shuttle – large

  • Old Electric bobbin winder – works quietly!
  • Old tensioner – missing a part




Located in Grand Rapids, MI   


Pick up only…  only


Priced significantly lower than new!!!! $4000


Call and leave a message . Anne Dale Blair  (616) 706-6524

Weaving Rug Yarn For Sale– Bagged, sorted by yummy colors and weighed!!!!


$5.00/lb   Cash only please.


Contact Anne Dale Blair by email – or

leave a message on my phone (616) 706-6524

For Sale:
Structo table loom. 24"x20"x19", construction is hardwood and natural finish. 4 harness, 15 dent reed, 20"long. Original instruction manual. Needs a minor repair.
Must pick up in Holland, MI.
Contact Martha at 
For sale: 
Ashford rigid heddle weaving loom plus floor stand.
32" / 80 cm wide. 
7.5" and 10" reed.
Built-in 2nd heddle block set for multi shaft weaving.
Double width weaving possible.
Shuttles, Books, Weaving kit for 2 dish towels, Original delivery box, Fully assembled and foldable.
I think I paid around $950 new for everything.
Asking price now is: $750
It also comes with a warping bar from fiberlovediary. I paid $115 for it without shipping. It helps to keep the tension when warping alone. Look on her YouTube channel to see how it works. 
Local pickup and cash payment only.
Higgins Lake. 
March 2023

Harrisville Design floor loom. 

43" wide and 36" weaving width. 
4 heddle; 4 treadle. 
6 dent reed.
Raddle. Cross sticks. Warping board. Bench. Weaving books.
I bought this loom from the first owner who had it for 40 plus years. It is in a good shape for its age. Sadly enough I never used the loom. I find it hard to let it go, but I just don't have the space and would love the loom to go to someone who will cherish and use it. I had it in the living room during the winter.
Asking price is: $ 925.00
Pick up and cash only.
Higgins Lake 
March 2023

Clock Yarn Wnder $75.

It is 49” tall, 27” wide and 18” deep

Pick up just north of Lapeer, Michigan, Cash ONLY















March 2023

Orco Loom Model 74
4 Harness, 6 Treadle counterbalance loom with 38" weaving width. Sturdy, designed for rug weaving. The loom frame is 47 inches wide, 55 inches tall, and 41 inches deep, and it includes the warp. Buyer is responsible for transporting the loom (no shipping). This loom is located on the first floor and needs to be partially disassembled. Asking $450 or best offer. Located just south of Ann Arbor near Saline HS. Contact 
Ruthie Tapestry Loom for sale, made by Crisp
Approximately 73 1/2 inches tall, 63 inches wide, base is 30 1/2 inches deep. This tapestry loom is in good condition, and includes a set of two treadles and a warp with a small project. Buyer is responsible for transporting the loom (no shipping). The loom is located on the first floor, and it fits through a standard 36 inch door so it can be removed from the house without disassembly. It was previously transported in a pickup truck. Asking $1250 or best offer. Located just south of Ann Arbor in the Saline area (near US 12 & State Street). Contact 

This cherry wood, handcrafted loom bench was made by my husband. The style is similar to Norwood benches.
Measurements are:
23 inches high
36 inches long
11 inches wide
It’s a beauty. $295.00.
It’s in Grand Rapids.





November 2022

A table loom completely assembled, used once. 8 shafts, 27” wide. Asking $1,000. Located near Ann Arbor. Email:









October 2022

Structo Artcraft Loom for Sale
600 – 14028
4 harness (independent movement of each)
146 (9”) heddles on each harness
24” wide
42” high (this loom has legs)
Crank handle
10 spools for weft on the machine (I have extra spools)
$500 or best offer. 
Email Gretchen:
August 2022
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