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Thank you to all that attended the MLH 2017 Conference and Workshops, we hope to see you June 8-10, 2018!

MLH 2018 Workshops 

June 8-10, 2018

Hope College, Holland Michigan


2017 Exhibit Prize Donations

Thank you to the Vendors and Guilds who donated prizes for the 2017 Exhibits.  MLH greatly appreciates the donations that are given to us so that we can present prizes for the Fashion, Fashion Accessories, Fiber Art, and Functional Fiber Exhibits.


Ann Arbor Fiberarts Guild
Black Sheep Weavers Fiber Guild
Brown Sheep Company
Cross Borders Weaving Guild
Fields Fabrics
Georgia Cotton Company
Jackson Handweavers Guild
Jennifer Gould Designs
Lakeshore Fiber Arts Guild
Mango Moon/Heart of the Mitten
Michigan Weavers Guild
Midland Fiber Arts Guild
Mill Race Weavers Guild
Northland Weaving and Fiber Arts Guild
River’s Edge Fiber Arts
Threadbender Yarn Shop
Toledo Area Weavers Guild
Weavers Guild of Kalamazoo, Inc
Woodland Weavers and Spinners Guild
Yarnwinders Fiberguild of Marquette

Fashion Exhibit
First Place - Linda Van Andel - “Making Waves”
Second Place - Helen Welford “Nouveau Richesse”
Third Place - Priscilla Lynch - “Jacket”
Honorary Mention - Rita Swartz - “Freeform Knit Vest”
Honorary Mention - Martha Town - “O” Vest
Honorary Mention - Julie Hurd - “Lost Horizon”  Tunic
Honorary Mention -  Bonnie Kay - “Purple Pizazz” Vest
Honorary Mention - Sue Ellison - “Memories” Vest
Viewer’s Choice - Sue Ellison - “Memories” Vest

Fashion Accessories
First Place - Lestra Hazel - “Winter Wonderland” Scarf
Second Place - Linda Van Andel  - “Fireworks” necklace
Third Place - Abigail Deloria - “Krokbragd Bag”
Honorary Mention - Priscilla Lynch “Kumihimo” Necklace/Bracelet
Honorary Mention - Terry Tarnow - Silk Scarf
Honorary Mention - Mary Ippel - “6/3/1 Accessory”
Honorary Mention - Terry Tarnow - Prayer Shawl
Honorary Mention - Lester Hazel - “Summer Heat” Scarf
Viewer’s Choice - Lestra Hazel - “Summer Heat” Scarf


Fiber Art
First Place - Elizabeth Rodgers Hill - “Shibori Series 8”
Second Place - Sue Hale - “Renascentia / Rebirth“
Third Place - Priscilla Lynch - “Ripples“
Honorary Mention - Bonnie Kay - “Potholes on a Restless Sea of Color“
Honorary Mention -  Madeline Navarro - “A Citizen Of Nature“
Honorary Mention - Nancy McRay - “December Lake“
Honorary Mention - Susie Krage - “Downtown“
Honorary Mention - Suzanne Ditsler - “Barn Owl and White Throated Sparrow“
Viewer’s Choice - Suzanne Ditsler - “Barn Owl and White Throated Sparrow“


Functional Fiber
First Place - Gail Seidel  - “Life Project“
Second Place  - Martha Town - “Twill blocks wool blanket“
Third Place -  Marti McIntyre - Inkle loom carrier w/ attached implement bag
Honorary Mention - Gail Ross - Table runner - Monks belt
Honorary Mention - Gail Ross - Lavender Table Runner
Honorary Mention -  Letty Klein   - Teal Purple Odyssey Wool Rug
Honorary Mention -  Gail Ross - Eye Glass Case
Honorary Mention -  Martha Fox - Rainbow Rug
Viewer’s Choice - Gail Seidel - “Life Project”


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