Monthly Lecture Series


Monthly Lecture Series via Zoom - Second Wednesday of the month

7:00 PM EST

This exciting new series is being offered to all members of MLH as a FREE benefit of membership.  


This series does require that you must be a member of MLH. This series will offer you 11 FREE lectures/speakers throughout the year on the second Wednesday of each month at 7pm.


The Zoom lectures will be recorded  LIVE and made available through a limited, password protected access for registered MLH members up to 2 weeks after, unless otherwise noted. 

August 14, 2024 "Inspiration and Garment Design with Handwoven Fabrics" with Susan Lazear

Handwoven fabrics are incredibly amazing. They combine color, texture, fiber, and structure and provide us with a material that is unique. Designing for Handwoven clothing should be fun and the process in cutting the fabric should not be a hindrance. Susan Lazear will share inspirations and various decisions one makes when choosing styles and picking or creating patterns for handwoven fabrics. 


September 11, 2024 "Reverse Drafting: Well-intentioned Destruction" with Emily Winter

Reverse drafting is the process of unraveling woven cloth and diagramming its construction on graph paper using draft notation. In this program, Emily Winter from The Weaving Mill will present on the Reverse Drafting Club, a mail-based weave analysis program run by TWM and demonstrate the process of reverse drafting using provided swatches.


October 9, 2024 Weaving with Light and Air: Leno and Gauze Structures with Patrice George

Leno is a specialty weave structure where warps “twist” around single wefts instead of running parallel to each other as they do in plain weave.  Leno creates a structure with warp ends that do not slip when spaced apart in the fabric. Leno twists can be created by hand, on the simplest looms, or by using a modified heddle system on looms with 3 or more harnesses. Leno is a perfect structure to use for lighter weight fabrics like curtains, scarves, shawls, and table textiles, but can also be used with heavy yarns for blankets, mats, and technical textiles.


November 13, 2024 Double Weave Pleats with Sara Nordling

Double weave pleats began as an inquiry for Sara Nordling.  How do you get a knife edge pleat to form on the surface of a fabric?  The basic technique, as it turns out, is not that complicated.  Once she had figured that out, what kept Sara making them are the very things that interested her about weaving to begin with: they have a tactile quality that makes you want to touch them, and there are so many ways they can be played with.  Double weave pleats also provided her with a series to use for her M.F.A. thesis show.  Join Sara as she takes you on the journey of double weave pleats from the basic technique to the many ways she has used them in her work for her thesis and beyond.





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