Upcoming Samples

The 2020 MLH Swatches will be provided by:

Eastside Handweavers, Jackson Handweavers, Weavers Guild of Kalamzaoo, the Chicks in memory of Ellen Willson


As always, we encourage individuals to jump in the queue.  In the coming year members of  the Chicks (those who studied with Alice Griswold and continue to meet monthly) are going to weave a swatch in memory of Ellen Willson, who was one of that group. 


Maybe a number of you might want to create something to remember or to honor a teacher, a mentor, a fellow weaver or an occasion.  Please fee free to do so.  Any time we have requests from individuals to create swatches, we'll adjust the guild queue to let that happen.


To contact our MLH Swatch Chairperson, Mary Underwood: marymunderwood@me.com

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