An exploration of Double Huck by Cally Booker - OCTOBER 26, 27 &NOV. 2, 2024

One of the happy surprises of this structure is just how appealing a double huck fabric is. From elegant scarves with beautiful drape, to towels and blankets with an irresistible ‘bounce’, it is lovely to wear and to handle. In this workshop Cally will introduce double huck and take you on a tour through this flexible and attractive structure.


We will weave a variety of samples in double huck, including layer and block exchange, stitched layers, mixed structures and colour-and-weave effects. The programme includes three talks to introduce different aspects of the material, as well as supporting video demonstrations which participants can access at any time. In the final session, we consider extending the structure to more than 8 shafts.


Skill level: Intermediate/Advanced. No prior experience of double weave or of huck is required.


Participants will need to have access to an 8-shaft loom and will receive full instructions enabling them to set up their looms ahead of time. Note that countermarche looms are not suitable for this workshop.


High Res photos available at this link.



Cally Booker weaves on the top floor of a converted jute mill on Scotland’s east coast, looking out over Dundee and the Firth of Tay. Weaving can be meticulously planned or improvised at the loom, and Cally finds that a mix of these approaches appeals to the different parts of her nature.


Creatively, she is drawn to places at the edge, where land and water meet, and in her work explores lines and boundaries, positive and negative, using layered structures which hide and reveal. She combines drawing, data and digital tools with the slow processes of hand-dyeing and hand-weaving to create cloth which holds stories. Cally’s work has been exhibited around the UK and internationally. She is a member of the Society of Designer Craftsmen and a past president of Complex Weavers.


Cally is passionate about making things by hand and shares her love of weaving through The Weaving Space, a programme of resources and workshops based online.

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