November, 2024 at 7:00 PM

"Color Journaling as a Design Tool" with Lin Bentley Keeling



Color Journaling as a Design Tool is a presentation and mini-workshop which details the evolution and practice of Color Journaling as used by fiber artist Lin Bentley Keeling.  Keeling began Color Journaling around 2012  as a way to loosen up her design process using inexpensive oil pastels and a sketchpad.  Since then she has expanded the practice as a means of playing with color without a specific objective, letting color lead her in new and unexpected directions. Keeling does this both on paper and through tapestry and coiled basketry.  These fiber journaling exercises have become her Meditation series.  


In this presentation Keeling will share the evolution of Color Journaling in her own studio practice, give a demonstration of the basic color journaling exercise which she teaches to her tapestry and coiled basketry students—attendees are welcome to join in the exercise  if they wish—followed by a discussion about the ways this technique can open creativity and help expand participants’ use of color in their own studio practices.  


A PDF will be provided to all attendees detailing the basic Color Journaling exercise along with several variations of the technique useful for learning to play with color.


Lin Bentley Keeling creates coiled basketry vessels, tapestries, and other woven art.  Her designs are improvisational, inspired by music and the movement and interplay of color. “Color and the feel of fibers in my hands inspire my designs, which are strongly influenced by jazz, ambient and classical music and by the expansive vistas of the desert Southwest where I live. Some designs are meditative and minimalist while others are more dynamic. These abstract compositions of visual music manifest themselves within my coiled basketry vessels and tapestries as they embody beauty and joy, grace and harmony, positive energies I believe are vital to our world. 


Lin’s fiber art career spans more than 40 years. Her work has been in national and regional exhibits, is part of several private collections and has been featured in (4 January 2018) and in the NBO Quarterly Review (Spring 2017) of the National Basketry Organization. She teaches her basketry and weaving techniques online and writes occasional blog posts about her process

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