Exhibit Winners


1st Place: Anne Flora - MartiGrau Cocoon

2nd Place: Anne Flora - Sunset Tunic

Viewers Choice: Anne Flora - Sunset Tunic

Fashion Accessories

1st Place: Catherine Wilson - The Mackinaw

2nd Place: Anne Flora - Fall Splendor

Viewers Choice: Catherine Wilson - The Mackinaw

Complex Weavers Award: Catherine Wilson - The Mackinaw

Fiber Art

1st Place: Anne Flora - In the Ancient Times She Rose from the Sea

2nd Place: Anne Flora - Beaver Island

3rd Place: Boisali Biswas - Urban Tales

Honorable Mention: Boisali Biswas - Echoes of the Earth

Honorable Mention: Jane E. Blacquire - Girl with the Striped Sunglasses

Honorable Mention: Elizabeth Rodgers - Epiphite

Viewers Choice: Boisali Biswas - Tied between Echoes of Earth and Embracing Hills

Functional Fiber

1st Place: Gail Pilgrim - Eat Your Greens

2nd Place: Gail Pilgrim - Friary Flowers

3rd Place: Nancy DeVries - Into the Blue

Honorable Mention: Martha Town - In the Beginning

Honorable Mention: Martha Town - Margo Pillow

Viewers Choice: Nancy DeVries - Into the Blue

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